Ways to save money!!! Part 1 

Your kids need you, you need them. You want to be a stay at home mother and spend all the time you can with them, but the bills and income aren’t allowing this?

Here are some ways to save money… some might seem pretty obvious but trust me, they really make a difference.

1. This section is going to be all about how FOOD can take so much money from us and how to spend less and still eat well!

Sams/Costco in my experience never saved me too much cash to be honest. The items there that ARE worth buying are: their blocks of cheese for around $5 each. We shred it and store the cheese in freezer bags. Their premade cakes are a great deal too and their milk and big box of eggs are usually a great deal…. but most other items are not saving you money, even in bulk… but I am not always right, so it’s easy to do the math and see if the purchase is worth it… sometimes they they do have great deals.

Aldis is the hands down best money saver. I shop the clearances deals at Kroger as they come… but Aldis wins.

I spend a hundred dollars per paycheck LESS by getting all our foods at Aldi! Their organic foods are great and very much more affordable than all of the other stores I have used (Walmart, Sams, Kroger)

2. Meal PLAN!!!!

Most importantly…. Planning your meals saves so so much money!!! It saves us 50% off what we would spend of we kept winging it! I take a blank calendar and we plan our meals around our schedule… a busy day and you don’t have time to cook? That morning throw in a crock pot meal or grab your premade peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches and rest momma!

3. Now for Going out to eat.

We all have been there, you are busy, the day has flown by and the kids are starving. You get in your car and buy everyone a meal at McDonald’s. For our family of 9, it’s $40 for a fast meal there. Instead try this:

Run into your nearest grocery store and buy a thing of Stax. (Kind if like Pringles..we like Stax because we eat MOSTLY Gluten free) .. now you let your kids have a handful of chips so they don’t pass out and you quickly make a meal at home. (YOU HAVE SPENT LESS THAN 2 bucks)

Defrost your frozen meat in the microwave or dont be ashamed to all sit down and have Cereal…. the price for a box of cereal and some milk is about a tenth of what a McDonald’s would cost us!!! Saving 90% and the kids never complain when they can have chocolate cereal right? ???!!!

Nothing is wrong with this as long as you aren’t having this kind of meal each night and I can guarantee it’s probably healthier than a big Mac, fries and a coke to boot!!!

4. Ice cream Social?

Instead of spending $4 on a single ice cream cone.. spend $3 on a half Gallon of ice cream at your grocery store and now you can even afford some whipped cream and sprinkles!!! Dairy Queen can get expensive!

But the kids want a blizzard? Buy plain vanilla in a gallon bucket, let the kids pick out the $1 candy (typically Dollar General and Walmart sell mini candy bars in a pack of 8 to 12 for only a dollar) … crush the candies in a blender, processor or use your knife and sprinkle on top and mix and viola…. home made Blizzard!!!

5. Movie Theater?

Redbox has such an easy and cheap system that your whole family can view 2 movies and have popcorn and soda for less than the or ice of 1 movie theater ticket!!! Can’t wait to see the newest release? Yes you really CAN wait…. it will be just as awesome when you view it for $2 and bonus you can push pause to take a bathroom break and never miss a moment.. loved the movie so much??? Now you can watch it again if you really wanted to!!! There’s freedom in saving!

6. Shopping

When stores make their own brands, not always, but usually, their products are just as good as the brand name items. Shop around and try to choose the store brand on items where the quality is the same.

Hair products are often made the same, save your cash and opt for comparison brands like Suave! Aloe for sunburns works as a great styler boy little boys hair! Most products like shampoos contain the same main ingredients as body washes, save your cash and use the lather from your hair on your body!!! (Check the ingredients)

Stop impulse purchases. Stick to what you truly need. Stores are designed by really smart people who have learned where to place items to spark your interest and make you think ” what a great deal, I really could use this” … Walmart has an online ordering option where you can pick up the items in the store…. all you do it pick them up and leave! No extra temptations or just stick to your list and leave with the peace knowing you have more cash because you said no to impulse purchases!

Part 2 coming up !

Christmas 2018 and life updates

Christmas 2018 and life updates

An update on life here. IMG_20181229_001224811

Roman is now 7 months old and of course is an amazing additional blessing to all our lives. He did great with his tongue and lips tie procedure and has gained weight and never been under the 97% for either height nor weight .

He is currently experiencing his first ever illness.

In a large family it usually takes three times the time as a normal sized family to get through an illness. So we are currently on the third week of taking care of sick kids. My daily dose of vitamin c and d has helped Steve and I to not get sick. Praise God.

I have been working on some life things that God has been digging at my heart.

One thing is minimalism. Not the white bedding, no decor type that some embrace. But, a minimalism that works for us… And if a true minimalist saw my home they would laugh at how not minimalist it truly is. I guess perhaps the correct description would be “being more intentional” on what we keep .

My large family is one that is built on teamwork and sharing. The girls share a room, the boys share a room. Each has their own bed. 20180926_184640.jpg

Sharing a room means that we have some dilemmas. One is that the older kids have challenging times keeping the little kids out of their items. This Christmas, we purchased the big kids locking backpacks to store treasure items in.

We painted our living room and kitchen a lighter color and have also been working on making our home truly look how we want it. My Christmas gift was a shopping spree at hobby lobby. I also have been very much enjoying Canvas people to print out canvases for me. They aren’t paying me a thing to say this but I am highly impressed with the quality of their images and shipping. I use them now for all my canvas printing needs! I love them!

So my update is so random and my other posts will also hopefully be more intentional.

Here’s more random things going on:

I am nursing Roman which makes me crave carbs, so in turn, I have been at a stand still on my weight.

I overcame major hair loss after extreme stress. It’s now coming back after I started destressing and taking vitamins and royal jelly.

My grandma died two months ago and it’s affected our family so greatly. We are all lost in a way and grief has been almost non-existent  for me. I know where she is and the whole ordeal felt so spiritual to me that I am at peace with it. So perhaps, I am grieving ok in some ways. It’s just unsettling at times with how at peace  I am with her gone. I think it’s because I know for certain where she is. I know Jesus is real and I know I will see her again. I guess the part that is the hardest is knowing I have the rest of my life here on Earth in silence regarding her not being around from now on. To me, that is the painful part. I can still hear her voice and such, so I feel she’s not dead in the sense that it’s over… I just know she’s in another place I am not there yet. Often, I will ask God to tell her hello from me.

Another random update is that we went to Disney World . Yes, our family of 10 went this past September into October. It was lovely and we plan to go back in 2020. I will post some info on our trip and what tips we learned.

My other update is that we decided to put hand to plow for youtube videos. I love recording our life and watching our family. I also want to start doing a more personal vlog of info I have on being a large family mother and other info on overcoming infertility and more.

Look up “Blessed Bayers” on YouTube and you will find our Channel.




Time with them

Time with them

Time with my family is priceless.

The time being with my children each day is such a blessing to my life and obviously is truly shaping them by our parental influence.

Steve and I weren’t ever perfect.. who is? But we went too lax in some areas with our children and the consequences showed. We felt the Tug from God’s heart to straighten things back up. God is so good to us to teach and lead us down the best path.

Being able to hear my children’s hearts and see the amazing people they are becoming is amazing. God is so good.

He has been so good to us by giving us wisdom and discernment.

I am so grateful for his gifts and plans for each of our lives. Let us not believe any lies from the enemy who comes to shame, guilt and depress us.

God lifts us up from the pit. He is there for us when we call on him.

Thank you Lord for the work you have been doing. Thank you for hearing my prayers and reminding me on what truly matters! Oh, God… I love you.



Tongue Tie and Lip Tie in our newborn.

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie in our newborn.

Roman was only 16 days old when he had his first “surgery” to remove the thick tissue that prevented him from moving his tongue much and also for his lip.

We traveled to St. Louis to see a doctor who had great reviews and could help us. (Amy Grawey)

I was so nervous because I did not want my baby in pain. I did not want to lose his trust in me as his protecting and loving parent. When the nurse asked Steve if we wanted to go ahead with the procedure… he said “We don’t want to do it, but if we have to, we will “.

The doctor came in and described that our son had one of the worst cases they have had. We realized at that point that we needed to consent to have it done.

The whole process can’t be described truly because Roman can’t tell us how it felt for him. I can say that it IS traumatic for a baby. He has been fussy, and we have alarms set literally day and night so we can stretch his lip and tongue. It’s not a cake walk by far for a parent. But I told him that sometimes in life we have to do things that aren’t not comfortable and this was one of them.

I will say for anyone considering it… it’s scary and not pain free, but it’s far less than a circumcision pain. It’s also better to get it done if truly needed earlier when baby is so little. We also learned, that giving him breast milk gives him the same pain relief as strong opiod pain killers could. So I felt at peace knowing mommas milk can be of great relief to my sweet boy.

The procedure took less than a minute. I opted to stay in another room while they did it. I heard his sharp loud cries and I squeezed my hands clasped together and cried and asked Jesus to be with him and help him. Steve stayed in the room and helped and watched.

Thank God he was able to come, because I was not strong emotionally this week.

As soon as Steve grabbed Roman after the procedure, he stopped crying. He was brought to me immediately and nursed. The pain was a lot less. We went over how to stretch him and I will admit, I think the wounds look scary. The laser the doctor uses keeps the wound from bleeding which is a plus. However it’s just odd and uncomfortable to see the inside of his little tissue cut open.

Every four hours Steve or I, have to lift his lip up to his nose and the part he hates most is when we have to lift and push back his tongue to expose the wound. It looks like a long diamond shaped hole. He cries a bit and I feed him right after which settles him up quickly, praise God.

It’s sad as a mother, to see the smallest child I have to through this. However I am glad the worst part is over.

We have 2 to 3 weeks now of the stretching. If we do not do it then it means he would need to have the procedure again… which is the last thing we want.

Nursing is going better which means he will get the good healthy milk his body needs and none of the toxic kind that he doesn’t. I say this because every single kind of formula contains folic acid which is very bad for people who have mthfr and our whole family has this genetic issue.

I researched on Ben Lynch’s website and learned that because my mthfr gene was turned on, and because Roman is a boy.. that’s why he had this tongue and lip tie.

So now I have health goals to work on and they include being selfish and taking really good care of myself and husband and kids. Stress can turn on the gene and so can toxins. So a light detox and de-stressing is in order.

I got off Facebook for awhile because for me, it’s an open book for drama and hurt. If I post something and it offends… there is always someone who wants to start an argument or a “holier than thou” to me over my words or convictions. Sadly it’s a friend or family member… but, I decided this is not worth my peace and joy. My precious children make me happy and Facebook does not… plus I am not changing my ways and convictions or views to appease others.

So I might even delete those in life that I apparently offend so much. I truly wish people were not so easily offended. I would rather have some people not on my social media so we can still like each other. Some platforms help us to expose some deep views of ourselves and it’s not always good to share these views with just anyone.

But back to my experience with baby Roman:

He did really well but cried the most because of being poked and prodded.

He is a bit more fussy than usual and that is sad, however I can now nurse him more which is a plus for his pain and discomfort.

I dread the stretches and am excited that one day it will be over for little man.

I am thankful for the doctor, how well her practice was in treating patients and grateful to God for helping our family in the many ways that day.

I will update later on with the progress of baby Roman and our Journey.

Loving 8 kids… and my birth story of #8

Loving 8 kids… and my birth story of #8

You hear it on TV shows where families are large…. you hear the parents speak of love multiplying when they have so many children.

To many, it’s a foreign concept… but the reality is… it’s true.

I would know… I gave birth to our 8th living child 12 days ago.

The first few days I was releasing so many hormones so I kept from writing too much.

But I want to collect the memories while they are still fresh in my mind.

Roman was born on May 23rd… He brings so much joy to our family. He did not take from my love to the other kids. Logically, he takes some extra time as he is being nursed… but the children most often plead to hold him. I love it… and I love how they love him.

I wanted a homebirth. I hate hospitals and being trapped… I hate the tests and how some things are being forced upon parents. I don’t like interruptions and strangers and so many aspects of the whole having a baby in a hospital. However…. my body was not in the right place this time…. so for the 9th time… I had a baby in a hospital.

After a week of many contractions often called prodomal labor… I knew my body was swollen. Not normal pregnancy related swelling. But I felt I was having some major allergies to gluten. If I had any gluten, I would get stabbing knife pains where I would not be able to move much, I was severely constipated to the point where drinking castor oil did not even help… nothing did.

I knew that the baby could not engage and move down properly with my body and the swelling and being backed up. I also knew that this baby was very big. The doctors would feel my belly and say… “he doesn’t feel like he is that big” and I would tell them.. “oh I think he is!” And… not to sound like I know it all… But I was right. I haven’t been wrong about my body ever.

In the past, when I felt like I had a cyst on my ovary.. I was right. When I felt like my uterus was flipped backwards.. it was. I have always been extremely in tune with what was going on inside my body.

My husband being less educated on homebirth and fearing his own abilities to deliver our baby, slowly came to the reality that we would schedule to induce this baby. I knew I was in so much pain already with my colon… and my muscles that felt like they were ripping… I knew I needed help to make it through.

My support to birth at home was now gone… all I had was my husband and he was now unsure. I didn’t have time to contact a midwife….

I prayed and asked God to help me.. please help my body and bring me nurses that would be a blessing to me and no problems. This hospital has given me many experiences… some were horrible… this time was very good.

I went in on May 23rd at 7:30 am. It took a little longer than expected to get registered. So by 8am I was finally up on the second floor Maternity area.

The nurses were kind from the beginning. They asked about our family size, spoke of their children and experiences and made us feel at ease. They asked me of any fears I had and mine was to not have pain relief. I told them I never wanted to experience pitocen and no epidural again.. I had tried in the past many times and each time my muscles were so tense that I would not progress with the baby at all… once I had the epidural, I would rest and progress pretty well.

I was so dehydrated that my veins all were blowing. The 4th try for an I.V. And they called in the anesthesiologist. He was an older man, he came in and immediately got the I.V. in… He used a smaller child sized one and had to put it in my hand. Not ideal.. but it worked.

I was already at a 3 dialated when I went in. I feel that helped this labor to be so much better than past ones.

The doctor said she could break my water. They gave me the option to get the epidural sooner than later since I was scared of the pain. I had such peace that I said.. let’s get it soon.

So we made it to a 4 and I asked for it. I knew once the water was broken that contractions tend to get more painful.

The same anesthesiologist came in for my epidural. He was so gentle. I felt such little pain… I have never had such a good experience in my life with getting an epidural. He was not rough when he washed my back.. He was smooth and very thorough. I arched my back like I had to all the years before and prayed to God in my head to help me. I felt the 2 needles enter my back… it was a twinge of pain for the first prick and the second one was much less because of the numbing pain in the first shot. He then used the larger needle and then inserted that catheter. I could then feel something travel down my spine. In the past it always felt like something was being jammed.. this time it was gentle.. softer… and the epidural worked. Praise God… I had relief. For the first 30min to hour I felt like press hard to catch my breath. I think it was from the baby being up so high. It was then, I knew this baby was tall. I never had him stretch so much.. but he was up under my ribs… I gently pushed with my hands down to see if he would give me relief and eventually he did.

The contractions came and went and I was praising God for his wisdom and help he gives to doctors. I did not care this time about getting an all natural medal of honor.. I was not worried about letting myself down.. I did not feel like a failure…. I was overjoyed that I was not feeling the pain. I have been there before and had the highest pitocen level and no epidural and it was honestly so much. I made it…. but it was so traumatic that I didn’t even notice the new baby on my chest because I was trying to recover from the pain…. I never wanted that kind of experience again.

I am normally a tough person with pain.. I have experienced so many times in life, cysts rupturing, gall bladder bursting, internal bleeding, appendicitis and more… pitocen and no epidural is too much for me when it’s pumped up.

So I was just happy and overjoyed. I remembered from my books about birth that I needed to have a happy attitude, loose, not right facial muscles and more…. so I released, smiled and we kept learning I was dialating more and more. It was so nice for it to happen faster.

At the end, when I was around 8 and 9… the baby was having a hard time getting down… I felt like it was again myself being swollen and locked up. I was praying and moving from one side to the other. Once he moved down and I felt like pushing. They all came in and I pushed but the feeling left and baby moved back up a bit. So the nurse said my peanut ball I had (this peanut shaped inflatable exercise tool that is often used in birth) was too small and she had a big one… I said yes.. I felt I needed to get my pelvis opened up as best as I could so this big baby could get in my pelvis and birthed out. I could tell he was just huge…(at least to me) . So once she got the big green peanut placed… it was only a short time like 15 minutes and our baby was able to get his head where it needed to be. I went from blissful and no pain to severe pressure and crying and “woooooo” moaning pain. They all came back in with things ready and we knew this was it. I waited for the next contraction and pushed hard. He was so big I felt like he was NOT going to be able to come out. So with extreme stretching and pressure, I lost control for one contraction. I yelled loud and lost my composure. My doctor said ” Tiffany, the next contraction I want you to take a breath and push the whole time” and it helped me to focus on pushing and not screaming. It was so much more effective.

I have never EVER wanted to see what it looked like for a baby to emerge from my crotch. Lol never. But this time there was a light above me and it had a mirror under it and I could see the babies head. I was honestly AMAZED at what my body was capable of. It seemed like “ok I can see his head partly out, so if I push really really hard.. this will be over” ….

I pushed hard with all my might and felt the doctor moving her hands in a motion to help this big baby come out easier. Then FLOP!!! He was out and placed on me.

Such relief, such joy…. Such a miracle.

Epidural or not… I did it. It happened and I got this new human out. Yay….

I saw the same familiar Bayer looking baby. He was dark and needing some suction. He stayed on me and they suctioned his mouth and nose. He swallowed a little bit of meconium so there was a tiny bit of brown leaving his mouth. He started crying and that of course gave us all relief. They waited for his cord to deliver his blood and important stem cells back into his body and later clamped it per my request.

I kept telling this big boy how adorable and cute he was. The nurse helped get a diaper on him as I still held him. We admired him and once the doctor helped me get the placenta out, we were left alone for bonding time. It was amazing. I fed him shortly after birth. I was amazed how a baby knows how to feed… but he did. He nursed well.

He looked around and daddy held him. I wanted to know how big he was so around ten pm, We let the nurse weigh and measure him.

He weighed 9 pounds 13.5 ounces. I said let’s call it 9-14 to make it easy to remember. Then 22 inches… so that explains my feeling… I knew he was going to be a big baby!

They did footprints of baby and put on his special bracelet that would sound off an alarm if he was taken near the exit doors and we all were given bracelets with matching numbers so we could not have any mix up…. He never left my sight..but it’s their protocol.

After 24 hours, a million tests and checking from the nurses we finally got home on the 24th around 10pm.

I was so happy to be home.

I am so blessed and so happy our experiences was not bad. God worked it all out and I really appreciate the kind nurses and my amazing doctor.

I am so glad and thankful for this child.

God’s gifts are the best.

But love truly grew. I could not imagine how I would feel.. but God knows what he is doing. Hos natural love was INSTANT the moment I saw this baby. It was as strong as it is for my other 7 children. This boy was strong. He also had to endure the discomforts of being squeezed to the point of his skull reshaping to fit through. Ur had been on a journey too and I was proud of his strength.

I was 3 days past the due date and just so glad he was out.

My recovery has been pretty good. Once I have been home, I have not taken any medicines for pain at all. I have been enjoying raspberry leaf tea to help time back my uterus and am trying to rest and take care of my body.

I am in awe of our creator once again. Each birth experience has been completely different. Some gave me smaller babies, some large. Some babies had problems, This one didn’t.

I needed to reflect and be very honest about not getting the birth I wanted. I am ok with it. I feel the only way I would want to ever have a birth st home is if I felt my body was healthier. I am now on a gluten free diet and feeling so much better. No more inflammation and swelling. I had gluten when baby was 4 days old and deeply regretted it. The pain I had was unbearable. It lasted an entire day and it was enough to confirm that gluten was the culprit for my pain and problems.

So now I feel we are in a healing transition. Baby is eating well and mommy is too. It’s not easy to eat the best with so many mouths to feed. But once again, the Lord is providing us with wisdom and provision like always.

My Emotions on Easter

My Emotions on Easter

I can’t announce my plans… my dreams and hopes. There’s always evil and there’s always so many ignorant on certain subjects and as I get older and wiser in my journey of Motherhood/womanhood/wifehood .. I don’t want outsider opinions.


I am bombarded by strangers constant comments of our family size.. the words are always the same and it’s weird that so many people use the same wording…. like the same…. exact words…..

You get to a point where you don’t mean to sound rude.. as I am sure most comments aren’t meant to hurt or annoy.. but sometimes I want to scream at people. Like how my presence welcomes their mouths… I see insanely odd people.. or families and my mouth stays shut… Geesh


I don’t ask parents why they have only one child… I guess because I know some people long to have more, or they are content… I realize from all my hardships that we all have stories and pain and reasons why we feel what we are doing is the correct thing for us.

We are left out of parties and gatherings sometimes by even family because we are so many people…. like burdens to most and perhaps other reasons… I try and not imagine why because it hurts my heart.


I am feeling depleted and tired of living for others, for thinking of them to be left out… it’s times like these where I truly see where my value in others is…

My faith is that God has known his plans for me… I sometimes wonder if I am stepping off his path at times and sure enough I feel the tug from him “No Tiffany, this way” …. so when it comes down to it.. I feel his lead is true… it’s never failed… my lack of faith is in my deciphering…. like a huge thing on my heart lately is NOT WHAT I EVER wanted… ever…

I don’t have to do this next “thing” but it’s on my mind. I just don’t know.. I am praying that he really is clear on where I should be.. because it’s a potentially life and death thing….

Sometimes I just wonder Why he would lead me here.. why Lord.. how does this matter? Is this idea mine and wrong?

Am I following someone else’s ideas and think it’s your plan… oh Lord, please be clear for us.

Collage 2018-03-31 15_25_38

Shattered heart.

Shattered heart.

This is the 4th day now of almost all day crying. You read a part sometimes where you are broken. I have been here before in regards to infertility and a baby loss… and today I am there due to someone else causing our family so much hardships financially that I feel like I am drowning.

My heart is broken. When you have a large family there are so many great needs. I have so many things I need for my family and yes we learn to survive without them, but it makes life much harder.

On top of all that, I have one working vehicle now. My poor husband has to depend on a dear sweet Co worker to bring him to work…. it’s so hard. I just keep praying and hoping justice will come.

I can’t take all the appliances breaking when we paid so much thinking we were getting good ones, I can’t take the renter not paying us… I can’t take the wondering now if I can take my sick child to the doctor next week now due to not having enough, I can take the feeling needy when I used to always be the giver.

My heart is broken. I still have hope in God. That’s all I have.



What is it worth?

What is it worth?

When you look back on your life as someone old and near death.

What will you be proud of? A big home you bought? A nice vehicle you bought? Your designer clothes? Expensive jewelry?

The truth is that none of those items can go with you when you die. There is only one thing you can take with you and it’s your spirit.

When you have the greatest true Blessing in life which are children and family… you help to bring forth new spirits into this world. You help to bring these wonderful values of love, manners, kindness, giving, caring and selflessness into your children and the Joy is that their spirits also get to be with you FOREVER in heaven if you both choose to accept the gift of Jesus Christ.

This world has commercials of nice things to acquire, however, those items are never fullfilling. They only make the companies that make them rich and they leave you with empty promises, debt and one day you will leave them and they will either be bought by someone else or end up in a dump somewhere.

I see people so set on achieving what they think are their dreams in life only to look back and wish so badly they had spent time with their children instead of chase empty goals.

In the end, all the people that you work so hard to show off your things and your lifestyle won’t be there. You will only have your family who loves you no matter what you have around for support and love.

If mothers don’t HAVE TO work, then the greatest joy you can really have is to stay with your children and guide and lead them to live the best life too.

It’s not a boring life.. it’s a life full of action, lessons and true joy. More fulfilling that giving your all to strangers.

Why are we paying strangers to enjoy the sweet innocence of our children? We are paying someone else to spend more time and impress THEIR values or lack thereof all so we can acquire more things. We are trading our children for THINGS.

We get ourselves in trouble and in debt and then we justify working to pay off the debts.

It might sound radical and crazy to most.. but leaving the items, selling them, living in a more affordable home, giving up fruitless Cable, smart phones, giving up subscriptions and things that you do not really need and living a life worthy of true happiness with your family is far more meaningful than having a big bank account.

Money is not meant to be hoarded up to show Off how much you hoarded. It’s meant to feed, to cloth… to enjoy this short life God has given to you.

Mother’s are knowing deep down what I am saying is true, and father’s who do not value the job their wives do by raising children honestly need to reevaluate why they do not want to be the sole provider as God has commanded them.

It’s not admirable to be some strong and respectable man and put down your wife for wanting to do and be the BEST gift to your children.

A good man leads his family by God’s standards, you provide, you protect and you lift up your wife by raising your children. You don’t panic and stop trusting in God for his provision.

You give God the control of your life and enjoy all life’s blessings God gives.

The ideas of the “world” all go back to one thing… profit.

The ideas of confidence are not truly in what you can show off to strangers. But who you really are to your creator.

If you are a mother who wants to stay at home with your children and give them the best life possible.. then you should act on the call God has given to you.

He does not tug at our hearts for no reason. He calls us for a purpose and our children really need us to actually be there. Not to leave them with strangers most of their childhood.